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Get Your Child on the Path to Healing

Join us for The Perfect Storm talk!

 Join me on Thursday, January 19, at 6 p.m. at the practice for our first talk of the year: The Perfect Storm.ADHD, autism, asthma. These common conditions have seemingly reached epidemic proportions in our society. As a chiropractor, I’m passionate about providing safe and natural chiropractic care to help young patients with these and other challenging conditions.

Please join me on Thursday, January 19, at 6 p.m. at the practice for our first talk of the year: The Perfect Storm.

Exacting a High Cost

Did you know that 1 in 10 kids have asthma, which costs our society $50 billion annually? That works out to $3,300 per person! And 1 in 9 children have ADHD. Not only is that a problem but the treatments for ADHD in many cases are drugs that are tough on the body. Shockingly, most of them are in the same class as cocaine! Yes, you read that right. So even young children are routinely given powerful medications to help them deal with their condition.

Offering a Safe and Natural Alternative

If your child is living with ADHD, autism or asthma, you may be wondering why they are experiencing the condition. You also may be thinking about alternatives to prescription drugs or visits to various therapists who may not have provided the help your child needs. We know that there is a better, and much safer, way to help these kids not only find relief from their condition but experience optimal health.

Please join us on the 19th for our cornerstone talk. I’m excited to meet you and help you down a path that could help your child manage their condition naturally and effectively through chiropractic care.

We request that you please call the office at (763) 420-2226 to let us know that you’ll be coming.

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