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Since 2009, we’ve helped patients eliminate the need for medications with our natural, results-driven chiropractic care. Our caring team will help you experience revitalized health that comes with a properly functioning spine and nervous system!

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Maple Grove Chiropractor Boosts Family Health


Increase Your Well-being at Trillium Chiropractic

At Trillium Chiropractic, we understand that you can be held back by pain and suffering. When you don’t have optimal health, life is less enjoyable. Maple Grove chiropractor Dr. Katelyn Hummel has a genuine concern for each individual’s well-being and make every effort to help you feel better and reach the highest levels of wellness.

Unveil a Healthier You

The results our patients see have them feeling incredible! Our casual environment puts you right at ease, with a high-energy atmosphere and people of all ages having fun. It’s a positive place to be, and our doctors start off by giving you a thorough examination that locates the cause of your concerns, rather than just treating your symptoms.